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AIARE Instructor Training Course

This five-day course trains experienced backcountry travelers and avalanche professionals to work with a team to meet the learning outcomes in AIARE’s recreational avalanche education curriculum, Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain. Course participants will work with the AIARE curriculum to practice and receive feedback on their instructional skills as well as adapting their skills as an avalanche professional to manage risk for an educational context.

The ITC does have an assessment component. Participants receive feedback on their curriculum familiarity and instructional skills, as well as next steps to continue their development as versatile avalanche educators. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be qualified to instruct AIARE 1, Avalanche Rescue, and AIARE 2 courses. AIARE Providers, who use the AIARE curriculum to independently offer high-quality avalanche education, often require additional training and certifications (such as first aid), as well as demonstrated skills in guiding and movement.

Course Format

The AIARE ITC is offered in two formats: a five-day in-person classroom and field-based course, as well as a hybrid course with four virtual sessions that take place via Zoom over the course of a month ahead of a three-day in-person field session.

Pre-course work will be required of all course participants. We use the book Presenting as a reference for building engaging lessons to meet a specified learning outcome. You will be expected to read this book, along with completing 3–4 hours of pre-course work on lesson and instruction planning, prior to the course.

The course descriptions and sample itineraries for the five-day in-person course and the hybrid course can help give an idea of what typically happens on a course. Individuals who successfully complete the course and meet AIARE Instructor qualifications will be eligible to apply for AIARE Instructor status.