AIARE Instructor Training Course


The application period for the 2022-23 season has ended and will open for 2023-24 in August.

AIARE’s Instructor Training Course (ITC) is a five-day course focused on giving experienced backcountry travelers with basic operational experience the instructional skills and curriculum familiarity to teach the AIARE Recreational Curriculum. Course participants will have opportunities to:

  • work with the AIARE curriculum
  • practice and receive feedback on their instructional skills
  • adapt their skills as an avalanche professional to manage risk for an educational context
  • deepen their AIARE curriculum familiarity
  • receive guidance on next steps to continue their development as avalanche educators.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will meet AIARE’s requirements to instruct AIARE 1, AIARE 2, and Avalanche Rescue courses. AIARE Providers may require additional training and certifications (such as first aid) as well as demonstrated guiding and movement skills as a prerequisite to employment. The ITC is not designed to fulfill all the requirements associated with employment by AIARE Providers.

Course Format

The AIARE ITC is a five-day in-person classroom and field-based course.
Pre-course work will be required of all course participants. AIARE uses the book Presenting as a reference for building engaging lessons to meet a specified learning outcome. You will be expected to read this book and complete 3–4 hours of pre-course work on lesson and instruction planning prior to the course.

The linked course description and sample itinerary provides a general outline of AIARE’s ITC. Individuals who successfully complete the course and meet AIARE Instructor qualifications are eligible to apply for AIARE Instructor status. Upon completion of their ITC, students will be given more detailed instructions on how to apply for AIARE Instructor status, including by submitting proof of A3 membership.


The progression to becoming an AIARE Instructor or Course Leader is a multi-season process that involves both formal professional development and time in the field. If you’re interested in becoming an AIARE Instructor, gather your application materials the summer before the season you’re applying for in order to give yourself the best chance of being placed on a course. Here’s what you will need:

The season(s) before you plan to take an Instructor Training Course
  • Attend an AIARE Avalanche Rescue, AIARE 1, and AIARE 2 course (whether as a student or observer) to fulfill our course familiarity prerequisite. If any of these courses were NOT AIARE courses or taken in the last four seasons, you will need to take or observe them in order to have familiarity with the current AIARE curriculum and thus meet the requirements for the Instructor Training Course. This helps us ensure everyone on a course is familiar with the most up-to-date AIARE curriculum.
  • Obtain a PRO 1 certificate. The PRO 1 certificate is our industry’s entry-level certification for professionals working in and around avalanche terrain. You can take your PRO 1 with AIARE or another A3-approved PRO provider. There is no expiration date on a PRO 1 certificate. You need to have your PRO 1 certificate in order to apply in August. This means you need to obtain a PRO 1 certificate the season prior to applying to an ITC.
June / July
  • Sign up to be notified when the application period opens.
  • Review the dates and locations of the season’s course offerings. AIARE publishes these dates in late June or early July. AIARE cannot guarantee placement in your top-choice course, but you will be given an opportunity to list your preferences in your application.
  • Gather your application materials. These include:
    • Login to your account at and ensure your profile shows that you have attended (as a student or observer) a Rescue, AIARE 1, and 2 courses. You will use this account to apply for and eventually enroll in your Instructor Training Course.
    • Your PRO 1 certificate.
    • A completed resume form that details 5 seasons of backcountry experience involving leadership and decision-making in avalanche terrain.
  • Apply for any available scholarship funds you’re interested in.

The application period for AIARE Instructor Training courses is open for three weeks every August. In order to accommodate applicants who spend significant time in the field, applications are not reviewed on a rolling basis and are instead reviewed all at once after the period has closed. In other words, you can apply anytime during the window and it will not affect your chances of acceptance. Only complete applications are considered for enrollment. Incomplete applications will be held and may be offered enrollment once all requirements are met on a space-available basis. It is taken into consideration whether an applicant has applied in previous seasons. Provider needs and geographic needs for course leaders are also taken into consideration.


AIARE reviews applications in late August and early September. AIARE will notify applicants of their acceptance and finalize enrollment by mid-September. At this point, you will not be enrolled until payment is made. Payment plans are available. All remaining applications will be placed on a waiting list. While we work to place everyone on their preferred course, placement on a specific course is not guaranteed.

October - December

Begin preparing for your course. This includes:

  • Ordering a precourse packet using a coupon provided a registration. This will include a book and articles you will need to read prior to the start of the course. Expect to spend about 4 hours on this.
  • Following the link in your course welcome email to join your Google Classroom.
  • Completing the pre-course assignments in your Google Classroom. Expect to spend about 4 hours on this.

The application window for the 2022-23 season has ended. The application window for the 2023-24 season will open in August, and the course schedule will be posted shortly prior.

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