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Registration for the 2022-23 season is closed and will open again for the 2023-24 season in July. In the meantime, you can prepare all materials needed to register under "Application Process" below.


The PRO 1 is a multi-faceted course designed for several audiences.

  • Entry-level professionals who are seeking training and certification for employment in avalanche programs at ski areas, transportation, heli, snowcat and ski tour guiding, alpine and expedition guiding, snowshoe guiding, snowmobile guiding, and public forecasting operations.
  • Working professionals who want to better understand current industry standards and best practices as part of continued career development.

The PRO 1 covers topics essential to the workplace including identifying and characterizing avalanche terrain, understanding how avalanches form and release, collecting and analyzing weather, snow, and avalanche data, and communicating hazard and risk factors. PRO 1 students conduct daily operational forecast meetings, apply effective communication strategies, and debrief field observations and decisions. 

The course includes pre-course online learning modules, publication review, and a webinar. On-site at the venue, participants will engage in-class presentations and field exercises, and daily travel near or in avalanche terrain.

Students that pass all course categories receive a PRO 1 certificate which is a national standard audited by the American Avalanche Association (A3). The evaluation criteria are communicated through the online modules, and in the pre-course webinar. On-course, participants receive additional demonstrations and are coached by the instructors prior to being evaluated during field exercises, mock operational exercises, and a written exam. 

Retesting is an option for participants who do not pass an element such as the Rescue Exam, Snow Profile & Snowpack Tests, and the Written Exam. There are criteria by which these can take place that are further defined in the A3 Guidelines.

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