The backcountry is a big place.

Every year more winter travelers are venturing into the wild. This is wonderful — if they’re equipped with knowledge and tools to keep themselves and others out of danger.

Our team at AIARE...

works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure more people are getting better backcountry education. As a nonprofit, that’s quite literally our mission — with your help we will SAVE LIVES THROUGH AVALANCHE EDUCATION.

This year...

we are embarking on a deep review to improve AIARE courses and instructor training. These projects require enormous effort and funding. Our target to fund these projects is $85,000, and every gift counts! If you care about the backcountry and believe in the power of quality education, please support this effort with a gift to AIARE today:

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AIARE is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and relies on charitable contributions for more than 20% of its annual budget. Your tax-deductible gift allows us to fulfill our mission of saving lives through avalanche education. Thank you!



This winter marks AIARE’s 25th anniversary. We’ve accomplished so much over the decades, and we have ambitious goals for 2023.




More than 100,000 backcountry travelers have learned to use the AIARE framework. Another 15,000 to 20,000 people will enter the backcountry with AIARE education this year thanks to our research, curriculum, and extensive network of providers. AIARE has introduced the largest and best-recognized national standards for instructor training to ensure quality and a consistent student experience.




When you donate to AIARE, you’re making a difference that’s larger than any individual’s impact, a difference that’s larger than any landscape’s size — you’re expanding a collective knowledge that impacts our whole community. 



We're all safer in the backcountry (5)
We're all safer in the backcountry (6)



Your gift will allow AIARE to expand its impact in 2023 in the following ways:

Modernizing our cutting-edge curriculum.

This year we’re beginning the multi-year process of updating the AIARE curriculum to ensure that our backcountry community is equipped with the latest knowledge, best practices, and current research in avalanche education. A change like this takes thousands of hours to implement and will be based on new research and thousands of student surveys from 2021 and 2022. Your donation to AIARE helps us make an ambitious project like this possible.

Provide instructor training.

AIARE has the highest standard of training for avalanche educators in the U.S. As the science of snow safety evolves and our backcountry community grows, continued education for all AIARE instructors is critical to meet students of all levels’ needs. Your donation to AIARE helps provide continuing professional development for the AIARE educators which has a ripple effect across the entire community, ensuring the safety of our 15,000 students annually.

Increase access to avalanche education.

As a non-profit organization, we believe everyone should have access to the transformative and magnificent backcountry landscape. By expanding scholarships that increase learning opportunities for underserved and underrepresented individuals, AIARE is able to expand access to avalanche education. Within the past year, our team has facilitated women’s mentorship groups and $100,00 in human-powered and motorized scholarships to reduce barriers. Your donation to AIARE allows us to further expand our scholarships, increase essential education, and make the backcountry more welcoming for all.

Expanding Research.

Through continued partnerships, course evaluations, and funding research, we are able to elevate the best practices on snow safety, keeping our courses up to date with the latest knowledge and cutting-edge curriculum. This year, we’ll be implementing student surveys to make sure our AIARE courses are meeting the needs of ALL students. With your support, together we can meet the needs of our backcountry community and ensure that everyone is well trained with the top instruction, best practices, and contemporary research in avalanche education.


Erin Smart

Erin Smart, IFMGA Mountain Guide, AIARE Instructor

“The mountains themselves provide us with a lifelong education in every experience we have out there. But, it’s necessary to have courses where people can trust the quality of the material so they can learn certain lessons without risking their lives. AIARE does a great job at providing just that.”

– Erin Smart, IFMGA Mountain Guide, AIARE Instructor


Brian Lundstedt, Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness, AIARE Instructor

“Nearly a decade ago, I went in search of a place to further my education. AIARE was the clear choice. They have a team of curriculum developers to ensure delivery of practical and effective information while following industry best practices. As one of the first motorized course leaders, I am proud to be part of this team”

—Brian Lundstedt, Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness

Jen Reddy (vertical)

Jen Reddy, First Ascent Foundation scholarship recipient, AIARE Instructor, & member of Teton County Search and Rescue

“As an avalanche educator, I strive to build the self confidence in my students to safely explore the winter backcountry while sparking their curiosity to become lifelong learners of snow science. I am particularly interested in fostering the cultural shift within the backcountry community to recognize female, and non binary, identified individuals as leaders and equal participants in the backcountry and related snow/avalanche fields.”

– Jen Reddy, First Ascent Foundation scholarship recipient, AIARE Instructor, & member of Teton County Search and Rescue


Will you help us achieve these ambitious goals by making a financial contribution to AIARE? More than 20% of our programming relies on donations — from you and others who care about progressing backcountry education and saving lives.

Together we can make a difference that’s bigger than the backcountry.

Thank you!


Donate Today!


AIARE is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and relies on charitable contributions for more than 20% of its annual budget. Your tax-deductible gift allows us to fulfill our mission of saving lives through avalanche education. Thank you!

Interested in learning more about the impact of your donations? Read more about our impact in our 2021-2022 annual report.

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