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Essential Rescue Equipment
Am I in Avalanche Terrain?
Choose Terrain to Reduce Your Risk
Departure Check
Where is the Unstable Snow?

Basic Avalanche Awareness

Find Your Local Avalanche Forecast connects the public to formal avalanche information and education in the United States. is a partnership between the American Avalanche Association (A3) and the US Forest Service National Avalanche Center (NAC).

Learn about the North American Avalanche Danger Scale

The U.S. and Canada use a five-category estimation of the avalanche danger: low, moderate, considerable, high, and extreme. The North American Avalanche Danger Scale is a tool used by avalanche forecasters to communicate the potential for avalanches to cause harm or injury to backcountry travelers. This video provides an overview of the scale, as well as a quick illustration of how it applies to your daily backcountry risk assessment.

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