AIARE Recreational Avalanche Training

Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain

Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain is a three-part program for individuals who enjoy winter recreation in the backcountry.

Over the course of this program, participants will learn:

  • How to prepare for backcountry travel with seasonal and daily routines
  • How to use planning tools and checklists to facilitate communicating and making decisions as a group in order to reduce risk
  • How to do a companion rescue
  • Techniques to continue to improve their rescue skills after a course completion

The entire Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain program includes seven days of classroom, field, and self-paced online training. The curriculum is typically delivered in the following parts:  Avalanche Rescue (1 day),  the AIARE 1 (3 days), and the AIARE 2 (3 days).

Who should take this course?

Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain is for ANYONE, regardless of method of travel, who wants to recreate in or near avalanche terrain. Aspiring professionals will also need to take the AIARE 1 and Avalanche Rescue as a prerequisite for the Pro 1 course.

Which course is right for me?


Avalanche Rescue Course

Avalanche Rescue is for everyone, whether you are just learning how to use your transceiver, an aspiring professional, or a backcountry traveler with many years of backcountry experience. This one-day course is a place to both learn new skills and keep your existing skills sharp. Avalanche Rescue is a prerequisite for the AIARE 2.


The AIARE 1 is a three-day course that provides an introduction to using decision making tools to  help a group manage risk while traveling in avalanche terrain.


The AIARE 2 is a three-day course for those who have taken an AIARE 1 and Avalanche Rescue and have had at least a year of backcountry travel experience. The AIARE 2 provides backcountry leaders the opportunity to  advance their avalanche knowledge and decision making skills by applying their skills to new terrain and situations. Avalanche Rescue is a prerequisite for the AIARE 2. It is highly recommended that participants gain at least one season’s worth of backcountry travel experience between taking the AIARE 1 and the AIARE 2.

How Do I Sign Up?

AIARE courses are offered through our network of over 100 providers in 13 US states, Argentina, France, and China. AIARE courses are taught by qualified instructors who receive their training and continuing education from AIARE.

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