Professional Avalanche Training

AIARE’s Professional (PRO) courses are designed for working snow and avalanche professionals, as well as those aspiring to be patrollers, guides, educators, and forecasters.

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AIARE PRO Courses provide extensive pre-course learning, hands-on guided practice, and interaction with experienced instructors from all sectors of the industry—everything current and aspiring avalanche professionals need to hone their technical and risk management skills.


What kinds of jobs could a PRO 1 qualify me for? 

Avalanche professional careers might look like: ski patrol, guiding (snowcat, ski touring, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc), forecasting operations, or becoming an AIARE instructor.


Designed for current and emerging leaders in the avalanche industry. Focuses on advanced operational risk management concepts across multiple contexts.

What kinds of jobs could a PRO 2 qualify me for? 

  • Highway operations
  • Public forecast centers
  • Backcountry ice and ski guiding
  • Mechanized operations
  • AIARE Course Leader/Provider

Student Experiences

As someone who has completed the AIARE PRO 1 course, I strongly suggest it for anyone who is currently or wants to become an avalanche professional and is ready to enhance their training. The course is comprehensive and excellently constructed from beginning to end. The hands-on snow training, enthusiastic instructors, and interactive classroom and pre-course learning all contribute to a highly valuable experience, both on a personal and professional level.

~ Professional skier Ingrid Backstrom- PRO 1

Techniques were well demonstrated, expectations were clear, and the way in which the course flowed was really clear, logical, and allowed for me to build my skills and understanding.

~ J. Lipkowitz- PRO 1

Some of the best instructors I have ever learned from. All of them were very knowledgeable and made us feel comfortable and created a great learning environment.

~A. Irvin- PRO 2

It was great having two professional instructors with different strengths that complimented each other quite well.  I came away feeling that we truly maximized our potential for learning and honing skills over the 5 days of the course.

~ E. Ewald- PRO 1