Instructor Continuing Education


AIARE Instructor and Course Leaders keep on top of updates to AIARE curriculum, industry and teaching best practices, and their own professional development through annual continuing education. The AIARE CE Program provides AIARE Instructors and Course Leaders the opportunity to choose from a menu of courses in order to tailor their individual professional development needs.

Instructors meet this annual requirement with a course offered by AIARE at least every other year. For the non-AIARE CE years, Instructors can choose a CE course offered by AIARE or from a growing list of approved professional development opportunities. Instructors who are inactive for one year or more will need to work with the Rec Program Director to define an appropriate professional development plan in order to become an active AIARE Instructor.

2021-22 Season Update

AIARE is waiving the AIARE-led CE requirement for the 2021-22 season.

Our continuing education goal for AIARE Instructors and Course Leaders is to engender a culture of lifelong learning by providing diverse, valuable offerings. Our current system has been based on 1 day courses or 8 hours of engagement. This season, there are more virtual educational opportunities available than ever on a huge array of topics. The constraint of limiting CE to be a one-day course or equivalent  simply wasn’t responsive to the diversity of virtual offerings being put on by others or the value that can come from shorter format courses.

Because of this and in order to adapt to this new landscape, we are waiving the AIARE-led CE requirement for this season and will move to shorter format seminars that are 1-2 hours in length. This provides the ability to count non-full day events as CE and enables us to offer more valuable seminars.

What this means for you

AIARE will still require one day or 8 hours of continuing education each year. You will now have the option to do that with several shorter-format courses, in addition to SAWs, weather courses, and AMGA courses. We’ll continue to update our list of non-AIARE CE and we will start including equivalent hours in the listing. This season, your 8 hours can be made up of AIARE offerings or from our continually expanding list of non-AIARE CE offerings. Note that the intent is to engage in continuing education yearly, so the maximum number of “credit” hours for a single course is 8, even if it is a multi-day course.

Please keep track of your CE for last season and this season (2020-21 and 2021-22) in such a way that you can provide a record of your continuing education when you pay your dues and sign the code of conduct next September 1, 2022. You are welcome to make a copy of this spreadsheet or download it as an Excel sheet to use as a template to track your CE.


AIARE Continuing Education Courses

We are pleased to offer a series of 1-2 hour webinars throughout this season. Several are free and the rest are at most $15.


Non-AIARE CE Courses

Please let us know about continuing education opportunities you believe should be listed. Note that the intent is to engage in continuing education yearly, so the maximum number of “credit” hours for a single course is 8, even if it is a multi-day course. Non-AIARE courses are approved by AIARE on a regular rolling basis. General guidelines for acceptable courses are those that are open to any AIARE Instructor to enroll (i.e. not in-house employee training) and are relevant professional development for avalanche educators. Synchronous and asynchronous virtual training as well as in person training suggestions are welcome. If you would like to suggest a course, please send a course description and syllabus to AIARE Rec Program Director, Liz Riggs Meder


Non-AIARE Courses or Conferences approved for Continuing Education Credits
(as of 2/1/2020)


  • AMGA Ski Guide Course, Advanced Ski Guide Course, or Ski Guide Exam (8 hours)
  • AMGA Alpine Guide Course, Advanced Alpine Guide Course, or Alpine Guide Exam (8 hours)
  • AMGA Alpine Skills Course – ski or alpine focus (8 hours)
  • AvSAR course from an A3 Pro course provider
    • AAI – Professional Rescue Course (8 hours)
  • CAA Operations Level 1 Course (8 hours)
  • CAA Operations Level 2 Course Module 1, 2, or 3 (8 hours)
  • CAA Operations Level 3 Course (8 hours)
  • CAA Spring Conference Case Studies and Research Presentations (4 hours)
  • International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) (attendance or presentation) (8 hours)
  • National Avalanche School (NAS) Classroom session (8 hours)
  • Psychological First Aid Online Course (4 hours)
  • Regional Professional Avalanche Workshop (8 hours)
  • Regional Snow and Avalanche Workshop (SAW) (8 hours)
  • Responder Alliance Training or Events (hours vary, up to 8 hours per event)
  • Virtual Snow Science Workshop (VSSW 2020) (8 hours)
  • Weather Courses