Instructor Continuing Education

AIARE Instructor and Course Leaders keep on top of updates to AIARE curriculum, industry and teaching best practices, and their own professional development through annual continuing education. The AIARE CE Program provides AIARE Instructors and Course Leaders the opportunity to choose from a menu of course options in order to tailor their individual professional development needs. 

Instructors meet this annual requirement with a course offered by AIARE at least every other year. For the non-AIARE CE years, Instructors can choose a CE course offered by AIARE or from a growing list of approved professional development opportunities. Instructors keep their instructor or course leader status active by paying annual dues and completing an AIARE Continuing Education course OR submitting proof of approved non-AIARE continuing education by October 31st of each year. After this date, Instructors who have not completed any of these requirements become inactive (not permitted to teach) until they do. Have questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Inactive instructors must complete their professional development requirements for the previous season in order to become active again. If a course is completed after August 31st to reactivate an Instructor’s status, this course will not count towards the Instructor’s CE for the following season. In other words, the Instructor must take an additional course in that season to fulfill the requirement for professional development at the start of the next season. Instructors who are inactive for one year or more will need to work with the Rec Program Director to define an appropriate professional development plan in order to become an active AIARE Instructor.

2020 PRO 1 requirement: All AIARE Instructors must have a PRO 1 certificate or equivalent by Nov 1, 2020. Pro 1 or 2 courses from any A3 Pro course provider counts as AIARE-offered CE.

AIARE Continuing Education Courses

We are looking forward to continuing to offer a menu of options for AIARE Continuing Ed. The menu will include a variety of professional development topics, as well a variety of formats including in-person classroom and field as well as completely virtual webinars.

The 2021-22 schedule is being finalized. We will be posting course offerings and dates by the end of August with registration for courses opening in September. Please register early as we try to add and adjust course offerings based on demand.

Non-AIARE CE Courses

Non-AIARE courses are approved by AIARE on a regular rolling basis. General guidelines for acceptable courses are those that are open to any AIARE Instructor to enroll (ie not in-house employee training) and equivalent to at least 8 hours of instructional time (classroom, online, or self-study). If you would like to suggest a course, please send a course description and syllabus to AIARE Rec Program Director, Liz Riggs Meder.

Non-AIARE Courses or Conferences approved for Continuing Education Credits
(as of 2/1/2020)

AMGA Ski Guide Course, Advanced Ski Guide Course, or Ski Guide Exam

AMGA Alpine Guide Course, Advanced Alpine Guide Course, or Alpine Guide Exam

AMGA Alpine Skills Course – ski or alpine focus

AvSAR course from an A3 Pro course provider

  • AAI – Professional Rescue Course


CAA Operations Level 1 Course

CAA Operations Level 2 Course Module 1, 2, and 3

CAA Operations Level 3 Course

CAA Spring Conference Case Studies and Research Presentations

International Snow Science Workshop (ISSW) (attendance or presentation)

National Avalanche School (NAS) Classroom session

Regional Professional Avalanche Workshop


Regional Snow and Avalanche Workshop (SAW)

Virtual Snow Science Workshop (VSSW 2020)

Weather Courses