Avalanche Hour Podcast

Avalanche Hour Podcast Episode 5.6 – Margaret Wheeler

Episode recap from Avalanche Hour host Caleb Merrill: I have always thought Margaret Wheeler could introduce herself as “I’m Margaret Wheeler and you may remember me from such educational videos as  Track Setting- Improving the skin track” or “Sled Rescue Drill” Think Troy McClure from the Simpsons…youtu.be/Y6jSKetRBU0. Or perhaps you recognize her name as one of the authors of Backcountry Skiing: Skills for Ski Touring and Ski Mountaineering. In this episode, IFMGA certified mountain guide, educator, and mother of 2, Margaret Wheeler sits down for a great chat- There is some solid insight in this one.
Avalanche Hour Podcast

Avalanche Hour Podcast Episode 5.14 – Tom Murphy

Episode recap from Avalanche Hour host Caleb Merrill: In this episode, we chat with Tom Murphy. Tom was one of the people to start AIARE (American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education). Tom talks about his early days of backcountry skiing and exploration in Alaska. We chat about how AIARE came to be, and how it has evolved over time.


VSSW 2020 Presentation by Liz Riggs Meder

The International Snow Science Workshop went virtual in 2020. In this presentation, Liz Riggs Meder, AIARE’s Director of Recreation Programs, discusses the AIARE Risk Management Framework, the foundational tool of the current AIARE Rec Curriculum. You can also watch Liz’s presentation on YouTube here, or check out the full lineup of VSSW presentations.

BendSAW 2020 Presentation by Liz Riggs Meder

AIARE's Recreation & Instructor Program Director Liz Riggs Meder gives you tools to use this season to help keep you safe at her presentation at the 2020 Bend Snow & Avalanche Workshop. You can also view Liz's presentation on YouTube here.

AIARE's Education Director Margaret Wheeler talks about Finding the Opportunity for Growth (In Margins) in a Pandemic-Induced FOG of Cortisol and Desire. You can also watch Margaret's presentation on YouTube here.