AIARE Women's Mentorship Program

Women make up a disproportionately small number of avalanche educators in the U.S., and many women in the field find it difficult to grow and sustain their careers. The financial, sociological, and other barriers faced by everyone in the industry are often exacerbated for women. And those barriers can be even further amplified for women who are racialized, disabled, trans, mothers, poor/working class and women who hold other historically marginalized identities.

For these reasons and more, AIARE is thrilled to bring back the Women’s Mentorship Program for the 2022–23 season

The AIARE Approach

This three-pronged community-focused program aims to support women in avalanche education with opportunities and resources to grow and sustain careers.


Scholarships for women on PRO 1, Instructor Training, & Course Leader Training Courses


Cohort-based mentorship for select applicants, which includes direct connections to field opportunities with AIARE providers. See an outline of this season's sessions:


Four panel conversations and facilitated networking events, featuring women in avalanche education. Join the AIARE newsletter so you don't miss out on any networking opportunities.


Email Address:

We aim to provide:

  • A peer support program that meaningfully connects women to other women in the avalanche industry.
  • A connection to AIARE providers for women to better support their path in finding, building, and growing sustainable career paths in the avalanche industry.
  • Opportunities for the public to engage with women in the industry and their knowledge and experiences, including through panel events

AIARE Women's Affinity Courses 2022-23

AIARE offered its first Women’s Affinity Instructor Training Course (ITC) in February 2021. Six women successfully completed the course in Washington, and we were able to offer full scholarships to all participants. Through this effort alone, we increased the enrollment of women in ITC courses to 35% (up from 28% the previous year).

In 2022, AIARE’s instructor training course made up of 27% women, up 5% from last season—but women also need support once they have entered the industry. That's where the Women's Mentorship Program comes in.

Interested in applying for an all-women’s PRO 1 or ITC for the 2022–23 season?

Women’s Mentorship: A Conversation Series

Join the AIARE newsletter so you don’t miss out on 2022-23 in-person and virtual opportunities.

Want to support the Women’s Mentorship Program?

Purchase a Mammut Barryvox S beacons are for sale in the AIARE online store. All proceeds go towards the Women’s Mentorship Program.




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