What is whumpfing?

Whumpfing happens when the fracture of a weak snow layer causes a snow layer above it to collapse, literally making a “whumpf” sound. It is the sound of nature screaming in your ear that the snowpack is very unstable. We call these obvious signs red flags. Other red flags include seeing cracks in the snow shoot out from the tips of your skis.

When these red flags happen in avalanche terrain, you and your partners are at significant risk of being involved with an avalanche. The AIARE Recreational Program teaches you about these red flags and how to recognize them when you are in avalanche terrain.

AIARE’s Recreational Program, Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain, is for ANYONE, who wants to travel in or near avalanche terrain. It consists of three courses, the AIARE 1, Avalanche Rescue Course, and AIARE 2.