Project Zero

Phase one…………………….


Reduce avalanche fatalities to zero.


A tipping point has been reached in the backcountry. The explosion in growth of backcountry recreationists presents an opportunity to initiate an industry-wide discussion about the risks associated with backcountry travel and how to recognize and manage those risks.


We bring together all the stakeholders in the snow sports industry to identify the “at risk audience” and engage in a solutions-based conversation regarding how to best communicate an effective avalanche safety message to the various user groups.


Project Zero is designed to unite the industry at large through the crafting, delivery and reinforcement of a consistent, compelling avalanche safety narrative that speaks to all backcountry user groups. Enjoyable and safe backcountry navigation is not just about what one knows, but how that knowledge is used and applied in avalanche terrain. The aim of Project Zero is to provide an effective safety message and a straightforward, logical process to make informed decisions. Credible messengers representing the various user groups will deliver messages uniquely tailored to those in various industry segments, including snowboarders, skiers, snowshoers and snowmobilers.

Phase 1 Begins

A collaboration has begun between AIARE, Snowsports Industries America (SIA), Friends of the CAIC, Friends of the UAC, Friends of the NWAC and the Canadian Avalanche Centre. The first phase of the project will begin this winter and will focus on a social marketing strategy that will research, test, and design a communications and behavior change project for the side country target audience in the 2013/2014 winter season, with the intention of expanding to additional audiences, aligning with the Project Zero timeline and other Avalanche Center communications project goals.


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