Limited edition buff with custom artwork by Lizzy Dalton! This buff will be available this season only. Get yours today; limited quantities available!

About the artist: I am a visual artist based in Portland, Oregon, who uses pens, inks, and acrylic paints to depict landscapes and other natural imagery, with the aim to capture the magic and beauty that exists in the natural world. My style is characterized by flowing contour lines, intricate pattern and detail, and geometry juxtaposed with organic forms. My experiences climbing, hiking, and backpacking often inform my work, in which I try to capture the way wild places draw us in and ignite our desire to explore and discover. I find time spent in the outdoors to be meditative and rejuvenating, and in my art I want to convey some of that emotional experience.

I partnered with AIARE because outdoor recreation is a big part of my life. In my art I want to capture some of the magic of being in the mountains, and inspire others to seek out adventures in the outdoors, but I want others to be safe in their adventures. It’s important to me that organizations like AIARE are able to provide the resources to enable people to take part in these experiences, and to reduce risk in the outdoor recreation community

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