Instructor Training Course

Course Description

The AIARE Instructor Training Course (ITC) is a five-day course that trains aspiring instructors to teach Awareness, Avalanche Rescue, AIARE 1, and AIARE 2 courses. ITC Participants learn how to work with a team under the supervision of an AIARE Course Leader to ensure students meet the learning outcomes of AIARE’s Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain Program.

Participants will receive feedback on their instructional skills and risk management in an educational context. This course description and sample itinerary can help give an idea of what typically happens on a course. Individuals who successfully complete the course and meet AIARE Instructor qualifications will be able to apply for AIARE Instructor status.


The AIARE ITC equips experienced backcountry travelers who also have entry level training as an avalanche professional (a PRO 1 certificate) to teach the AIARE curriculum. To ensure the course can focus on curricular and instructional training, AIARE requires that potential instructors have familiarity with current AIARE-specific curriculum and tools, and not just general recreational avalanche training. Familiarity with the specifics of the AIARE curriculum is met by the prerequisite to have recent experience with all 7 days of the AIARE Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain Program (the AIARE 1, AIARE 2, and AIARE Avalanche Rescue).

AIARE ITC Course Prerequisites:

  • 5 seasons of winter backcountry experience involving leadership and decision making in avalanche terrain
  • Recent (within the past 4 seasons) attendance on or observation of an AIARE 1, 2, and Avalanche Rescue course
  • PRO 1 certificate from an A3 Pro Course Provider


The application period for the 2020-21 season has closed. All courses are currently full, please use the form below to sign up to be notified when next season’s courses are posted.

The application period is generally open for three weeks in August prior to the winter season in which you are applying. Only complete applications (those having fulfilled all the prerequisites) will be able to register. Please take this into consideration when planning your work and education this winter season.

Complete Applications Receive Priority

We will prioritize complete applications that have met all the prerequisites. Applicants that have not met all the prerequisites will not be able to register for a course until they do. Please ensure that your profile, which you can view by logging in at, reflects that you have taken or observed an AIARE 1, 2 AND Avalanche Rescue Course in the 2017-18 season or sooner. If you have questions about your profile, please contact AIARE’s Office Manager, Don Svela.

To apply for the Instructor Training Course be sure you have the following:

  1. A completed resume form that details 5 seasons of backcountry experience involving leadership and decision making in avalanche terrain.
  2. Be able to show that you have had recent attendance (2017-18 or sooner) on an AIARE 1, 2, and Avalanche Rescue course. Check that your profile is up to date by logging into the AIARE website and checking “My Courses.”
  3. Your PRO 1 or Bridge certificate. If you took your course from AIARE, this will show up in your profile. If you took your course from another provider, you will need to provide a PDF or JPEG of your certificate when you apply.
  4. You will also be asked to fill out a brief medical form and provide emergency contact information

Finalize Your Enrollment

We will notify applicants of their registration status by early September. In addition to making payment, you will be asked to sign and/or acknowledge reading the following in order to finalize your enrollment:

  1. AIARE’s course cancellation policy. Please review this policy so that you understand non-refundable costs associated with these courses. We strongly encourage you to purchase trip insurance.
  2. Acknowledgement of essential eligibility
  3. AIARE’s code of conduct. Please read AIARE’s code of conduct and ethics for AIARE Providers and Instructors. AIARE does not tolerate discrimination, harassment, and bullying in any form. AIARE expects participants on it courses to contribute to and uphold a positive learning environment in line with the values described in our code of conduct.
  4. AIARE’s COVID-19 Disclosure
  5. Review the Equipment List to ensure you are prepared on your course.

Course Dates

Course dates are generally posted in June. For reference, the following courses took place in the 2020-21 season.

Regardless of course format, precourse work will be required of all course participants. We use the book Presenting as a textbook. You will be expected to read this book, along with completing 3-4 hours of precourse work on lesson and instruction planning prior to the course.

Leadville, CO – Venue Details
Date: Dec 14-18, 2020
Cost: $1250
Classroom: Online
Field: Leadville and Vail Pass

Jackson, WY – Venue Details
This is combination motorized + non-motorized travel course
Date: Jan 4-8, 2021
Cost: $1250
Classroom: Online
Field: Togwotee Pass and Grand Teton National Park

Leavenworth, WA –Venue Details
Date: Feb 1-5, 2021
Cost: $1250
Classroom: Online
Field: Leavenworth and Stevens Pass


We recognize that cost is a barrier for professionals in the avalanche world advancing their training. Several new organizations have partnered with AIARE to offer scholarships this year. Please visit AIARE’s Scholarship Page for a detailed list of the exciting scholarship opportunities we have for the coming season. We look forward to continuing to grow  this list.