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Jesse Ramos
United States

Jesse Tembrevilla Ramos

Jesse’s appetite for rock, ice and alpine climbing has taken him all over the world. Whether in his own backyard of the Colorado Rockies or on a journey in the middle of the Andes, he continues to discover the blessings of the mountains and explore distant cultures.

Jesse is originally from Boulder, Colorado but started technical climbing in the craggy, glaciated terrain of the Pacific Northwest, where he was formally trained in crevasse rescue, technical rock and alpine climbing. Soon after, Jesse was employed by Olympic College in Washington, to teach, lead and instruct the crevasse rescue course on the Nisqually Glacier in Mount Rainier National park. Jesse has summited Cerro Aconcagua and Mt Rainier via a variety of routes but he always finds himself back on the clean white granite of the Bugaboo Spires in British Columbia. Whether he’s on an international expedition or swinging ice tools at his local ice crag in Colorado, Jesse is content sharing the joys and challenges with whoever is willing to join him.