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Kerry Hanes
United States

(505) 463-8434

Kerry teaches the recreational avalanche courses for Apex Mountain School and Beverly Mountain Guides. He has been an adult educator persistently since 1994. He enjoys teaching a variety of operational and organizational safety topics. He is a retired military pilot and current business owner. He has a passion for ski mountaineering and skimo racing. His business, K & I Field Services employs 10 people and provides military training, including tactical winter mobility skills. He is certified as an AIARE recreational instructor and as an airline transport pilot. Kerry's 20-years of military aviation safety and risk management provides a relevant starting perspective for organizational and operational risk management in avalanche terrain as a ski guide and avalanche instructor. As a business owner providing tactical surrogates in military training, Kerry has extensive experience with 29 CFR 1910 (\"OSHA regulations\") and 49 CFR 100-178 (\"Hazardous Materials Regulations\"), particularly in fall protection and explosives related to unique military operations. Kerry has been a volunteer technician, rescue leader and operations section chief on Albuquerque Mountain Rescue, an MRA-certified rescue team, since 2010.