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AIARE 1 | Decision-Making in Avalanche Terrain

What will you learn in this course?

Welcome! You’re here because you’ve signed up for an AIARE 1 avalanche course. By whatever means you travel in the mountains, being aware of the potential avalanche hazards, and knowing how to create a plan to manage those hazards, is the key to being able to continue playing in the mountains for a long lifetime. The lessons you take away from this online learning module will be reinforced and practiced on the field days of your upcoming course, and you’ll have access to them for a year after your course is complete—so you can return any time to refresh your memory.

AIARE 1 Student Materials

You’ll receive an AIARE Fieldbook on the first day of your course. You can also download a PDF of the fieldbook at the link below to preview the tool you’ll be using in your course and beyond. Your provider may or may not give you a printed copy of the AIARE 1 student manual, but either way you can download a copy of it below and refer to it as you work your way through this online learning module and any classroom portions of your course. 

Sample AIARE Fieldbook

AIARE 1 Student Manual 2023–24

AIARE 1 Student Manual 2023–24 (Motorized) 

The outline below is an overview of what you’ll learn in your course. Start with the introduction, and work your way through—you can return to previous lessons at any time.

Course Content

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