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Pro 1
Feb 27, 2023 - Mar 3, 2023
Mt. Baker, Washington, United States

There will be a mandatory 3-hour webinar on February 13; timing TBD. This course is based out of the Mt. Baker Mountaineers Lodge. Please read our COVID-19 Course Disclosure prior to enrollment.Please read our COVID-19 Course Disclosure prior to enrollment.
The avalanche profession is a male-dominated field. We are trying to change that through affinity courses taught by the women of the AIARE Instructor Team. This course is open to all women (trans and cis-gender) as well as non-binary people who identify with the women’s community. This is a lodge-based course in partnership with The Mountaineers.
Lodging and breakfast/dinner are included in the course cost. The Mt. Baker Mountaineers Lodge has bunk style accommodations and several common areas with shared bath-rooms. Kitchen facilities can be used to prepare lunches and food storage is available onsite.

Venue Detail
  • Elevation range: 2,600ft-5,400ft.
  • Elevation gain: 1500 - 3000 ft daily
  • Travel distances: 3-5 miles daily
  • Experience and competency on skis or snowboard with ~30lb pack is required
  • Location:

    Mount Baker, WA

    This is a time-intensive course and you should be prepared, mentally and physically, for long days (up to ten hours) in the field and in the virtual classroom. All students must meet AIARE's Essential Eligibility requirements in order to participate.


    Weather can be highly variable from sunshine to snow and/or rain and temperatures can be sub-zero degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the environmental factors, you must be able to practice self-care that minimizes the possibility of hypothermia, frostbite and non-freezing cold injury.


    Travel requires moving in mountainous terrain and variable snow conditions, both uphill and downhill on skis (AT or telemark) or splitboards efficiently by ascending 900-1200 ft/hour.


    Participating in an AIARE course requires modern, well maintained backcountry and rescue gear. Bringing old, or marginally functioning gear is a detriment to the learning environment and could negatively affect the safety of the group. Please review our PRO Course Equipment List for more details.

    Document Review Summary

    Ensure you have previewed the following documents and gathered all items listed under "Application Process" on the PRO-1 page prior to completing the application.

    1. PRO Equipment List
    2. COVID-19 Course Disclosure and Expectations
    3. Essential Eligibility Criteria
    4. Code of Conduct
    5. Cancellation Policy
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