AIARE PRO 1 Bridge Course/Exam Agenda

Day 1:

08:00 Class Session: Welcome and introduction:  course agenda, logistics, and evaluation criteria

08:30 Class Session: Course risk management and emergency response

09:30 Field Session: Avalanche Rescue Skills Check

10:30 Field session rotation: Guidelines and recording standards (SWAG) for:

  1. Study plot weather and snow observations
  2. Snow Profiles
  3. Snowpack Tests

14:30 Class Session: Preparing for tomorrow’s field exam

15:00 Class Session: Written Exam, Terrain Photo Exam, PM Summary Hazard and Risk Form

17:30 Class Session: Tomorrow’s Logistics

DAY 2:

07:30 Class Session: Operational Meeting

08:30 Field Session: Study Plot Weather Exam

11:00 Field Session: Snowpack Tests

12:00 Field Session: Terrain Exam

15:00 Class Session: PM Operational Form

Class Session: Course Close and Final Interviews