AIARE Instructor Training

Thank you for your interest in becoming an AIARE Avalanche Instructor.

To become an AIARE Instructor you need to attend and successfully complete a 5 day AIARE Instructor Training Course, or “ITC”. Before attending an ITC (Instructor Training Course) we require that you have the prerequisites listed below.

The full list of requirements to become a qualified AIARE Instructor can be downloaded here.

Instructor Training Course Prerequisites:

  • Recent AIARE 1 & 2 Course Certificates (Participation or Observation within the past four years)
  • AIARE Avalanche Rescue Course Certificate
  • 5 seasons of winter backcountry experience involving leadership and decision making in avalanche terrain
  • AIARE Pro 1 Certificate (If you have certificates from AAI, CAA etc that you feel may be equivalent you need to submit a PLA (Prior Learner Assessment) form for approval

Note: As an AIARE student, you have an account in the AIARE database with the record of all the classes you’ve attended. Our registration system will not allow you to register for an Instructor Training course if your account doesn’t show the prerequisites. You should log in to your AIARE account and confirm all your classes are properly recorded.

 If a class you’ve attended is not recorded in your account, please contact the AIARE course provider that ran your program and ask them to contact Don Svela, AIARE’s Office Manager. This step can be accomplished in very short order, requiring only a phone call or email from the provider to the AIARE office to verify your course participation or observation. If you are unable to contact the course provider, you may contact Don Svela directly.

If you feel you may qualify for a PLA as an equivalency to the Pro 1 certificate please contact the AIARE Pro Programs Director (name goes here).

Instructor Training Course:

  • Description
  • Prerequisites
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Assessment
  • Class Itinerary

AIARE Course Leader Training Information