AIARE Instructor and Course Leader Standards

The AIARE Instructor and Course Leader Standards describe the skills and proficiencies needed to work as an AIARE Instructor or an AIARE Course Leader. This document is designed a resource throughout an educator’s development and career as an AIARE avalanche educator.

These standards are the basis for assessment for both the Instructor Training Course and Course Leader Training, however these courses do not instruct on nor evaluate all skills and proficiencies outlined. Instructor self-evaluation and assessment from AIARE Trainers occurs at multiple points before, during, and after AIARE training courses.

Instructors can use these standards to help direct their own professional development by identifying areas an Instructor would like to focus training and mentorship for the season. Note specific strengths, areas for growth, and plans for future development. Instructors can find a fillable self-evaluation on our website ( in order to track progress and professional development from year to year.

New AIARE Instructors are not expected to be above proficiency in any category. Course Leaders should strive to be able to coach and mentor new instructors in any category.

Evaluation Limitations: AIARE Instructor and Course Leaders are assessed in a simulated course environment on an Instructor Training Course (ITC) and Course Leader Training (CLT) and will differ than an actual course. The competence of each new Instructor must be ultimately determined by the Course Provider at the workplace using formal employee performance evaluation. The AIARE feedback and evaluation criteria are designed for Instructor learning and continued professional development and not a substitute for employee performance evaluation.

AIARE Instructor and Course Leader Standards

Fillable Self-eval Standards Form