What We Do

AIARE was established as a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit educational organization in 1998.

AIARE develops research based Professional and Recreational avalanche training for backcountry users in the United States, South America and Europe.

AIARE’s Recreational Program is represented by over 100 Course Providers and 450 AIARE-trained Instructors, and the Professional Program designs the training and instructs professionals to promote workplace safety.

For our curriculum and training, we gather the latest knowledge, research, and ideas in avalanche safety to create avalanche training courses that reflect the needs of today’s backcountry travelers and professionals.

Our Goals

  • Increase the public awareness of avalanches and avalanche safety.
  • Provide high quality avalanche education thereby enhancing public awareness and safety.
  • Provide avalanche instructors with the curriculum, training and tools with which to educate students about the knowledge, methods, and decision making skills necessary to travel in avalanche terrain.
  • Develop an international network of professional avalanche educators, and provide professional development in the form of instructor training and continued professional education.
  • Promote safety for all avalanche workers through professional avalanche training.
  • Fund projects that develop avalanche course support materials for educators and students.


Browse our Annual Reports to read more about what AIARE has accomplished and hopes to achieve in the future.

2020-21 Annual Report     2020-21 Motorized Annual Report

The backcountry is a different place today than it has ever been. Winter backcountry travel is a sacred endeavor, and each year, more people discover its wonder. Because of this, AIARE is even more important, relevant, and ready to take on new challenges than ever before. Support AIARE >>>