AIARE’s Advisors

The AIARE Advisory Board is made up of avalanche education professionals with diverse backgrounds. Drawing on expertise from the board, course curriculum is reviewed, updated and upgraded as new research and knowledge leads to new understanding. Updated course materials are continually passed on to our course providers so you can be assured of getting the latest relevant information in your avalanche course.

  • Representing the AAA Educational Committee: Kirk Bachman, Sean Zimmerman-Wall
  • Representing the Guiding Industries: Margaret Wheeler
  • Representing Transportation, Industry, and Public Forecasts: Ethan Greene, Jon Stimberis
  • Representing Ski Area Snow Safety Operations: Jon Stimberis
  • Representing Public Awareness, Public Safety and Rescue Programs: Dale Atkins, Scott Schell
  • Representing AIARE Course Providers: Howie Schwartz
  • Representing Research and Academia: H.P. Marshall, Chris Landry, Bruce Jamieson, Steve Conger,
    Jeff Deems
  • Representing Snowmobiling: Jeremy Hanke, Brian Lundstedt
  • Representing AIARE Students: Alex Do
  • Former Advisors: Bela Vadasz (deceased)