AIARE Pro 1 Bridge Course Exam

Course Description

The AIARE PRO 1 Bridge Course & Exam provides training and certification for the avalanche worker who took the AIARE 2 (prior to winter 2017/18) as a step in their professional avalanche education, and is ready to challenge the PRO 1 exam.

The course spans two full days, from 7:30-6:00.curso_aiare_2016-19r

On day one students will be introduced to the evaluation criteria for the course, participate in field sessions and complete the written exam and terrain photo exam. Day two is largely the field evaluation.

The PRO 1 Bridge course assumes the applicant is an experienced backcountry rider and working professional, with field practice applying the AIARE Trip Plan, the Communication Checklist, Avalanches and Observations Reference , and the Review the Day checklists found in the AIARE (blue) field book.

Upon successful completion of the course and achieving a passing grade the student will obtain an AIARE PRO 1 certificate.


Who should take this course?

Bridge course applicants are required to be currently working (guides, patrollers, highway workers, instructors) and to provide proof they are routinely applying SWAG guidelines to daily observations and participating in their operation’s risk assessment. Students with experience routinely applying SWAG-standard observation and recording skills and participation in group risk assessment and treatment will be more prepared to pass the Bridge Course exam.

Students who are not currently in the workplace are advised to take the AIARE PRO 1 course, rather than the Pro 1 Bridge course.

Pro 1 Bridge Course Exam: