Instructor Qualifications

Instructor Qualifications

AIARE requires that potential instructors meet certain qualifications, experience and trainingclassroom-3 pre-requisites before they can attend the Instructor Training Course and enter the AIARE avalanche instructor progression.

The specific instructor requirements increase as the level of the course an instructor wishes to teach goes up. In addition, AIARE Course Leaders requirements are higher than the initial AIARE Instructor requirements.

In general, each level of Instructor qualifications include the following general components:

  • Attendance of appropriate AIARE course(s) – for curriculum familiarity
  • Mentorship and teaching experience working with other AIARE Instructors
  • Attendance of appropriate AIARE Instructor Training Course(s) – for training and practice delivering the curriculum
  • American Avalanche Association membership

AIARE believes avalanche instructors need a combination of field experience, technical training, and teaching skills as well as continuing professional development in all of these areas. We feel it is important to include young, new instructors in our corps as well as older experienced ones; this ensures that the instructor pool is constantly renewed, encourages the development of new ideas, and promotes growth in the national avalanche education system as a whole as well broadening the perspectives of the individuals who teach the program.

Following are current requirements for various categories of instructors and course leaders:

2017-18 AIARE Instructor and Course Leader qualifications (Read more)

Continuing Eduction Requirements

2017 Instructor and Course Leader Qualifications

Wolf-Kizaki Scholarship for aspiring Course Leaders- details to be announced soon