AIARE Professional Avalanche Education Courses

(Update July 8, 2017: the Pro Level Course Schedule will be posted soon, please check back)

Welcome to the new Professional Course Flow.  Some details and the course schedule are still being finalized, so check back often for updates.

AIARE Professional Avalanche Education Course Flow


Course description:

The Pro 1 is a 5-day course and the first of the Professional courses, and is similar to the traditional AIARE 2 course, with the addition of an evaluation.  The Pro 1 course is a Pass/Fail course and is designed to train and certify workers new to the avalanche industry (educators, patrollers, guides, forecasters). We will cover skills essential to the workplace including conducting weather, snow and avalanche observations, making an assessment of basic hazard and risk factors, participation in team meetings, succinctly communicating observations in the field, and applying basic safe travel protocols in avalanche terrain.

Pro 1 Course Index:

Information on the Pro 2 Course