AIARE Pro 1 Bridge Course Goals and Objectives

Course Goals

The student will collect and analyze data and evidence as part of a simulated workplace avalanche hazarding risk assessment. Students  will demonstrate proficiency at observing and recording weather, snowpack, and avalanche occurrence information (applying the 2016 SWAG guidelines). Instructors will also evaluate student knowledge of avalanche formation and release, and student ability to identify and characterize avalanche terrain. The evaluation is conducted to the PRO 1 standard. Successful students will receive the AIARE PRO 1 certificate.

Student Learning Objectives

  • Conduct study plot weather observations. Identify relevant weather trends.
  • Conduct a snow profile. Choose a relevant test location and identify important layer and interface characteristics.
  • Conduct a compression test and identify fracture character.
  • Conduct an ECT and PST and identify propensity for crack propagation in the weak layer.
  • Observe and record avalanche occurrences. Identify important avalanche hazard factors that relate to a recent or current avalanche occurrence.
  • Assess current avalanche hazard factors. Describe the avalanche problem and the avalanche danger trend.
  • Relate the current and forecast avalanche problem to specific slopes and terrain features. As part of a trip plan and in the field, identify both terrain to avoid and terrain with less consequence.
  • Identify avalanche paths and describe the terrain characteristics that define the start zone, track, and avalanche run out.

Pro 1 Bridge Course Exam: