AIARE Pro 1 Bridge Course Prerequisites

Requirement For enrollment

  • Level 2 certificate (4 day, minimum 33 hours) taken prior to November 2017)
  • Avalanche Rescue course certificate
  • 1 winter (minimum 20 days) experience applying the 2016  Snow, Weather and Avalanche observation and recording guidelines (SWAG) in a work environment and/or as part of a daily avalanche risk evaluation process.
  • 2 recent snow profiles, documented in notebook and graphic format
  • 2 days of operational hazard forecast forms, guide meeting forms, AM/PM forms or trip plans using the AIARE Field Book Plan pages

Applications will not be accepted without the documentation.


Requirements for attendance

In addition to the documents required for enrollment, students must also complete additional work before attending the Bridge Course. These are turned in to the instructors in advance of the first day of the course:

  • Two completed Hazard and Risk Operational forms (or trip plans) from the current winter. The forms should illustrate daily participation, local observations, and the process of avalanche risk management including the following hazard and risk factors: weather, snow, and avalanche observations; and a summary of the avalanche problem and forecast danger. The operational form should also include a risk reduction or control plan.
  • Two snow profiles from the current season that include a compression test, ECT and PST
  • Review the chapter questions in the AIARE 2 Workbook
  • Complete the pre course quiz and exercises.


Reading List

Prior to the course the applicant is expected to be familiar with the AIARE 2 course material including

  • The AIARE 2 Workbook— including the Introductory chapter exercise and case study, and the questions following chapters 1 and 2.
  • The Snow, Weather and Avalanches Guidelines (2016 ed).
  • The Avalanche Handbook Chapters 2, 3, and 4 (specifically the reading excerpts listed in the AIARE 2 Workbook at the end of chapters 1 and 2).

Students are encouraged to make healthy, restful choices as they are planning personal logistics for this class.  Budgeting for warm, dry, comfortable overnight accommodations is advised.

Pro 1 Bridge Course Exam: