AIARE Pro 1 Assessment


Course assessment principles adhere to those described in the American Avalanche Association (AAA) Professional Avalanche Training Guidelines and Proficiencies for the PRO 1 Bridge Course.

Students are sent a description of the assessment plan and evaluation criteria prior to the course start date. A course mark of 70% is required to pass.

  • Avalanche rescue skills (pass/fail). This skill is evaluated prior to the course during the Avalanche Rescue course. Students are required to produce the certificate as a requirement for enrollment
  • Observation and Recording (50% of course grade). Students are required to submit documented observations for instructor review prior to the course start date. The students will receive some coaching and direction on the submitted field weather and snow profile observations prior to the start of the course and then again on the first day of the course. Weather and snow profile observations and snowpack tests are reviewed on the first day of the course and the evaluation criteria is explained to each student.
  • Hazard and Risk Analysis Forms and Written Exam (50% of course grade). Students receive both the expectation in the pre course package and a request to submit trip plan or hazard forecast forms for review prior to the course start date. Students receive one opportunity to be coached on the course when they complete a hazard and risk analysis form the first day. Pre course reading and assignments are designed to include topics that will be covered on written exam.Students have the right to retest weather plot and snow profile observations, snowpack tests and the written exam, and can appeal their grades.


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