AIARE Pro 1 Assessment


Course assessment principles adhere to those described in the American Avalanche Association (AAA) Professional Avalanche Training Guidelines and Proficiencies for the PRO 1 Course. Students are sent a description of the assessment plan and evaluation criteria prior to the course start date. A course grade of 70% is required to pass. In addition, 70% is required in each category to pass the course. Retests (after the course) are available for evaluation Category 1, 2, and 4 but not Category 3.

Category 1: Avalanche rescue skills (pass/fail). The skills are demonstrated, coached, and self-evaluated during the AIARE Avalanche Rescue course. The same proficiency is evaluated during the PRO 1 course.

Category 2: Observation and Recording. This includes observation and record keeping of telemetry stations, study plot stations, and field weather and snow profiles and snowpack tests. All observation and recording methods are conducted applying SWAG guidelines.

Category 3: Hazard and Risk Analysis. This category combines hazard and risk identification and analysis and anticipated risk treatment. The mark also includes field monitor and review of conditions, field decisions, and day end summary observations. There is no retest of the Category 3 exam.

Category 4: Written Exam.

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